What is Bitdonix in a nutshell?

What is BitDonix in a nutshell?

Here are the basics of Bitdonix and important things you should know....Make sure you read everything!

First, we are presented with a fully equipped advertising platform for all. Available worldwide and offering a great traffic source for you and your team members to promote offers, websites, blogs, affiliate products and anything you have to market online.

Second, we have a great affiliate side to this business which means we are able to earn extra income from our referrals, which is the typical format of most professional marketing programs.
We receive 100% of our referrals upgrade fees, meaning that BitDonix does not keep any fees or funds in the system at any given time.HowItWorks

The referral commissions system is based on a forced binary matrix type, meaning your referral tree splits in two sides and each side goes up to 8 levels deep. More about the levels in a few seconds, but first, let's remember that we have 24 hours to pay for first level and become a Steel member. All inactive accounts are removed after 24 hours so don't be inactive because you will lose your position.

Now, let's explain the levels and the referral system.
BitDonix is 2 x 8 matrix which mean that every member need only 2 direct members (all others their members goes to their downline) and matrix has 8 levels - matrix is deep and we need some time to fill it (maybe even a couple of months).

1. level Steel [50 000 Text Ads credits]
On first level we pay 0.05 btc and can receive max. TWO commissions of 0.05 btc each from our 2 direct referrals. But if we have 3 direct referrals,
2 will stay as our direct referrals in our first level and the third referral will be placed under one of htese direct referrals down our second level.

Earning on first level is 2 x 0.05 btc = 0.10 btc which can pay for our upgrade to Bronze level which costs 0.08 btc.

2. level Bronze [60 000 Text Ads + 50 000 Banner Ads credits]
On second level we will earn  commissions from our second level referrals [on this level we have 4 members] and we get 4 x 0.08 btc = 0.32 btc. We go up and we can upgrade to Silver using the earnings and this way we don't have to pay for the upgrades out of pocket.

3. level Silver [100 000 TA + 80 000 BA + 300 Login Ads]
Here we'll earn  commissions from our third level (8 members per 0.20 btc = 1.60 btc) and we go up again and make upgrade to Gold.

4. level Gold [150 000 TA +   100 000 BA + 600 LA]
Here we'll earn  commissions from our forth level in which we have max 16 members and every that members will pay to us 0.60 btc - 16 x 0.60 btc = 9.60 btc. Will we stop here? Of course we won't. We go up on 5. level

5. level Platinum [200 000 TA + 200 000 BA + 1000 LA]
On this level we'll earn  commissions from 32 members x 2 btc = 64 btc. Nice. I like it.

6. level Titanium [300 000 TA + 300 000 BA + 3000 LA]
On this level we will earn  commissions from 64 members x 3.50 btc = 224 btc. Will we stop here? Well, here you can not stop.

7. level Sapphire [500 000 TA + 500 000 BA + 5000 LA]
On this level we'll earn  commissions from 128 members x 5 btc = 640 btc. WOW! Will we stop here? Here you won't understand word "stop".

8. level Diamon [1 000 000 TA + 1 000 000 BA + 7000 LA]
On this last evel we'll earn  commissions from 256 members x 6 btc = 1536 btc.

So the potential is as huge as the efforts involved and could be up to 2475.62 btc.

Good luck!